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Lactation Massage Roller

Lactation Massage Roller

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The Lactation Massage Roller takes the work of breast massage off your hands while still delivering the same results. This must-have tool improves milk flow, breaks down clogs, and helps stimulate milk production.

How it helps: Did you know that studies show hands-on breast massage can get yield up to 48% more milk and twice as much fat content. Simple and straightforward, the Lactation Massage Roller helps you get the most out of breast massage without exhausting your hands. Manual breast massager without the hard work. Whether pumping or nursing, breast massage with the Lactation Massage Roller helps you get every last drop out of your time by helping you: * Stimulate milk production * Empty breasts more effectively * Improve milk flow and letdown * Reduce clogged ducts The massage roller can be used as before, during, and after your nursing or pumping session.

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